For the athlete

How much income can I generate through Peakz?

Millions! Ok, maybe not millions. The truth is that the amount of income you generate through Peakz is directly proportional to how much effort you put into the channel, as well as your other marketing channels – especially social media. In that way it’s exactly the same as you training for a match: the more […]

What do you get in return for funding an athlete?

Welcome to Peakz! This is the place where you, as a fan, get the chance to involve yourself in the journey of your favorite athletes. A unique win-win situation, where you get exclusive content in return for a contribution to your athlete of choice. A contribution that will go a long way towards helping them […]

The difference between social-media content and content on your Peakz Channel

It’s important to distinguish the content you create on your Peakz Channel versus the content you put out on social media. Social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok are there to draw attention to a larger, less specific audience. You put up free content to create interest. It could serve a sneak peek to […]


INNOVATION IN SPORTS MAKES FUNDING EASIER Innovation in sports is a must according to Michiel Wolters, CEO at Peakz. Especially for pro-athletes and upcoming talent. “Sports talent does not get equal opportunities on their way to the top and money isn’t divided fairly in sports”, Michiel states. As a serious sportslover Michiel enjoys a challenge. […]