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Whether you’re sharing rough cuts, behind-the-scenes looks, or finished, polished work, when you post on Peakz, it gets sent directly to every single one of your fans’ feeds, without ever being blocked or buried by a gatekeeping algorithm.

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You are an athlete, not a content creator

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Your fans become member of your exclusive fanbase at Peakz through a monthly membership. They love to participate in your journey, so you give them access to exclusive, behind-the-scenes sports content and insight into your athletic performance.

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Peakz has just started, so maybe that’s why you didn’t know our name before. But now you do. And that’s a good thing. At Peakz you can create a steady income in only 15 minutes a day by starting your own channel. All you have to do is invite your fans to follow you at Peakz. Once they will, you’ll discover how Peakz can work for you.

You offer your fans a monthly subscription. Once they are fans you give them access to your channel where you post your exclusive content. No worries, we understand you are not a content creator. In the Peakz Academy you’ll find all the insights to create great content in only 15 minutes a day. Content where your fans happily pay their monthly subscription for.

We know that your main focus is your sports. That’s why Peakz makes it possible to create an income with only 15 minutes a day. That’s after you set up your channel. That cost you about 5 to 15 minutes. Mind you, the bare minimum for your channel is 15 minutes a day. The more time you spend on the right content, the more income you’ll create through your Peakz channel. Want to increase your income? Check out the Peakz Academy for the best practices.

Peakz is free to use and will stay free. It won’t cost you any money, you just gain money from it. You’ll receive a whopping 80% of the subscriptions of your fans. The remaining 20% goes to Peakz to cover the costs for payment, development of the platform and support. So we only benefit when you benefit.



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