It’s important to distinguish the content you create on your Peakz Channel versus the content you put out on social media. Social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok are there to draw attention to a larger, less specific audience. You put up free content to create interest. It could serve a sneak peek to the type of content fans can expect if they decide to fund you. 

The content on your Peakz Channel is the opposite – you already have their interest, and they’re funding you – so now you have to keep it that way. Content on your Peakz Channel should be the type of information and stuff that others wish they would have. An example would be: 

  • Top tips on preventing muscle fatigue 

  • Best way to increase your run speed 

  • Strong combos for when you’re in the ring 

These insights should be based on your personal experience. All along your career you’ve gained an incredible amount of experience by doing (competitions, training camps etc.) and by coaching. Remember the last time you had an “AHA!” moment? When you discovered something that fundamentally changed your performance as an athlete, or at least went a long way to get there? That’s the type of content you can monetize – that’s the type of content fans would pay for. 

That said, in order to increase the amount of fans that are interested, and to convert them into a fan that funds you, you’ll need a strong link to your social media presence. That’s why you can link your accounts within Peakz. It will alert fans when you’ve created something new – just one of those ways that helps you save time from creating your own post.