Simon Hansen is a Danish-national champion in sprinting, on his way to the top. What does that top look like? The olympics. He’s creating a steady income on Peakz so he can travel and compete at some of the biggest world track and field meets – something that will help him qualify for big races and ultimately, prep for his dream of gold at the Olympics. A noble goal, right? Since the start, Simon has been a big success on Peakz. In his first seven days on the platform, he already found 60 scouts that contributed towards his funding goal. We’re going to dive into the reasons behind his success. 

You know what you can expect up front

Simon is very clear in the value he offers scouts: “ I will be sharing training/race vlogs, behind the scenes, updates, & much more” is one of the sentences in his “about me” section. So, “what’s in it for them”? Well, exactly what it says on the tin. Fans who are considering scouting Simon aren’t left to wonder or guess what they’ll get access to – and that’s a big reason why fans like him. His funding goal is clear – the value you get in return is clear. And what does clarity do? It creates conversion! 

He has a variety of great content

Browsing through his channel, you can see just about everything a scout would want. Technique tips, training sessions, “a day in the life of”, behind-the-scenes looks and even sightseeing tours. Exactly that which he communicated up front, and it’s available in spades. 

He’s human 

One of the keys to successful influence is being relatable. And Simon isn’t afraid to talk truth – warts and all. He has a video where he posted his emotional reaction to him qualifying for the olympics, and scouts loved it. He doesn’t talk at you, he talks to you by directly looking at the camera as if he’s in the room, having a conversation with his scouts. 

He’s grateful 

Another example of remaining humble that was well-received: his “thank you for funding me” video is awesome. Just taking the time to address your scouts and not taking for granted the money that they worked hard for too goes a long way to creating commitment. He’s recognizing scouts for what they truly are: a part of his journey towards Olympic gold. 

Repeat, repeat, repeat 

On an almost daily basis, Simon would mention his Peakz channel across his social-media accounts. He would tell his fans and followers which content he uploaded and he would ask what they would want to see more of. The result? Fans and followers feel that, by becoming Simon’s scout, they’ll be a part of his journey to the Olympics.

So how can you use Simon’s success?

There are three key lessons to learn: 1. Variety is the spice of life. Posting the same thing over and over again won’t win you new scouts, and it won’t keep current scouts happy either. Lacking inspiration? Check out our blog post about the type of content you can create. It’s a never-ending list! 

2. Be human. We wrote about the ways you should talk to your community and how you can use storytelling to create great content. One of the key things we’ll always repeat is that you have to be human – don’t let your athlete status go to your head, and pretend you’re talking in front of a crowd or that you’re having an intimate conversation when you talk into your camera. The “realer” you are, the more relatable you are. The more relatable you are, the more people are likely to trust you and the content you’ll create. And what does trust create? Exactly – conversion! 

3. Be grateful. Hopefully you’re on your way to the most kick-ass year in your athletic career yet. Hopefully you’ve scored achievement after achievement – from landing a sponsorship, to qualifying for the Olympics like Simon did, to getting funded on Peakz. When so much is happening, it’s easy to lose track of all the awesome things that are going on. That’s why it’s important to hit that pause button for a few minutes, take a step back and address your scouts to thank them. Remember: no matter the price, funding is never free. It costs your scouts their hard-earned money, so a bit of gratitude will go a long way towards them becoming a dedicated scout. And that? Well, that will make your monthly income from Peakz a lot more secure. 

Need help? Get in touch! We’re happy to help you make the most out of your Peakz channel. If, after reading this, you feel you still need a few pointers, get in touch with us by sending an email to We read everything, will always reply and if needed, we’ll set up a video call to help you on your way. Good luck!