All athletic talent deserves a fair chance to reach the top. Peakz makes acquiring funding for athletes easier. Long-term funding. We create a completely new way of fundraising for you and other athletes, by making it more fun and lucrative for fans and brands that want to help. That’s why we’re introducing scoutfunding.

Showing your support for our mission gives a clear and unanimous signal: the funding problem NEEDS to be solved. Thousands of supporters are the proof Peakz needs to convince investors that athlete funding needs to be easier. That scoutfunding needs to exist. With their financial support, the scoutfunding platform Peakz can be launched before the summer of 2020. You and other athletes will immediately be able to raise funds and start campaigns.


We expect the funding for the platform to come through around fall this year. From that moment on we’ll start developing the scoutfunding platform. Before the summer of 2020 we’ll launch Peakz, so that’s when you’ll be able to start your funding campaign. To get there we need you to SUPPORT THE MISSION so we can prove the necessity of our platform.

About Peakz

All talented athletes deserve a chance to turn become professionals. Getting funds though, is exceptionally hard. Only a handful of athletes procure enough to make it to the top. It’s our mission to make funding easier for approximately 15 million athletes worldwide. So they can get the best out of themselves in order to reach the top.

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Peakz is there for all talented and professional athletes and teams that are committing to a professional sports career. The same athletes that need funding to make their sports dream come true. They can start a funding campaign on the platform. All accounts are verified by Peakz to ensure there are no face accounts.

Michiel Wolters, Theo Hoeksema and Nicolien Mastenbroek-Hosang started Peakz in. Read their story here.

Michiel, one of the founders, lives for sports and innovation. He noticed many athletes had the same problem: raising enough money to go forward in their sports. He feels money shouldn’t be a deciding factor in who can or cannot reach the top. Michiel wants to change the sports industry by making it fairer for all athletic talent. That’s why he quit his job as a product manager. From that moment on he could give all of himself, fulltime, into creating the right concept. He found the right investor for this project in Theo, and together they laid the foundation for Peakz.

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Scoutfunding makes funding fun by scouting in a smart way. Fans and brands scout and win on the platform whilst supporting athletes financially. This new way of funding attracts new scouts to Peakz. More scouts means more funding, without you having to put in a lot of time. Because the platform does the work for you. Scoutfunding gives all talented athletes a fair chance to get the funding they need to reach the top.

Scoutfunding is simple. You make a profile, choose your funding options, start a campaign and share it in your network. Scouts can now scout and fund you by, for example, buying your scouting stakes. They’ll play to win, while helping you. They can reach the top of leaderboards, become the best scout and win grand prizes. They can also earn their funding back as soon as your stakes go up because of your success. Or as soon as you start handing out your own scarce collectible cards, or close a sponsorship deal. Because you become valuable to brands the second you have a lot of stakeholders. Play it right on Peakz, and you can connect new scouts to you and raise more funding because of it.

All users profit on a scoutfunding platform, not just the athletes. Scoutfunding makes funding interesting for fans and brands – and so much easier for athletes. We’ll keep it interesting. We’re constantly expanding the fundraising tools, so you can keep getting commitment from scouts. That’s how you ensure long-term funding.

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Scoutfunding empowers you. You don’t have to hustle for money; you’re a source of inspiration, a scoutable person. Doing well in scouting others and reaching the top of the leaderboard means winning great prizes, and keeps fans and brands committed to the platform. And more scouts coming in. More scouts? More funding for you.

Only a handful of athletes have sufficient funds to reach the top. We make that top attainable. And with it, fairer. All athletic talent receives a fair chance because of it. Funding is no longer decisive, neither are social skills. We offer handy tools to create efficient campaigns. Peakz boosts talent to the top based on their performance. That’s how athletes with a limited network are still visible to scouts.

Fans play to win on the platform while they help talented athletes like you reach the top. How would you feel if you had proof you scouted Federer when he was only thirteen years old? Or that you reached the top of the leaderboard? That proves you have some serious scouting skills. Scouting involves fans with your results more than ever before. The trip to the top becomes one you take together with your scouts.

Scoutfunding exists so athletes can really focus on their sport. It’s little work for athletes, but at the same time your visibility is significantly enlarged. Compare it to the initial offering with crowdfunding. Athletes have to make a profile, start a campaign and promote their campaign on social media. We’ll make that step easier with smart online tools.

It’s free to be a member on Peakz. That includes making a profile and starting a campaign. We use ten percent of all transactions on Peakz to create new funding options for athletes, improve the platform and offer tips and inspiration so athletes can optimize their fundraising. To cover the cost of payments, every transaction will be charged with 2,9 percent.

Athletes can choose from a variety of funding tools. That’s how we ensure we attract a broad range of scouts. For instance, think of selling your own scouting stakes or your own unique - and scare, therefore valuable - collectible cards. But also becoming easier to find for sponsors, also known as the brands, on our platform.

Every athlete invites their own network to support them on Peakz. As soon as fans land on the platform, we start tempting them to scout more talent so they can ascend the leaderboard. This way we enlarge the group of potential scouts. Peakz rewards supporting scouts with prizes, based on their scouting skills. To do that we make deals with sports clubs, brands and other sports organizations. Supporting scouts win those prizes when they hit the top of the leaderboard (in their category). The better the scout, the higher their position on the leaderboards.

The Peakz Challenge

We think sports funding should be easier. You’ll get an easier way to raise funds for you and other athletes by making it more fun and lucrative for fans and brands. The Peakz Challenge: Break Boundaries acts as a “light” version of scoutfunding.

The Corona crisis forced us to find a solution for your funding problems. So many athletes are hit hard by this pandemic. In the meantime, we’re reviving our original concept for scoutfunding. Autumn 2020 will give you access to the full platform – and easier funding.

In the meantime, join the Peakz scoutfunding challenges. Break Boundaries is the first of many to come.

  • Men and women will both get the same challenge, but will battle in their own competitions. Every competition has a total prize pot of € 1.375.
  • 5 out of the first 50 (per competition) stand a chance to win € 75, so be quick.
  • The two winners will both receive € 750. The two runner-ups will receive € 250.

Peakz makes funding easier for athletes at or near the top. You can join the challenge if you’re serious about reaching the athletic peak and need funding to get there.

  • Do the challenge between the 30th of May 2020 and 21 June 2020. You can’t use an old video of yourself.
  • Record it; your phone is fine.
  • Make sure you’re clearly visible. 
  • Keep it short: max 2 minutes (shorter is allowed).
  • Upload it between the 5th of June 2020 and 21 June 2020  in our challenge application.
  • Read all the terms and conditions on our Policy page.

No, this is a physical challenge. The light version of scoutfunding exists for athletes that lack physical competition during the Corona crisis. And with that, low chances of funding.

We give early birds the opportunity to sign up already starting from the 30th of May 2020 to see the challenge and to perform the challenge. All athletes can upload their video starting from the 5th of June 2020 until 21 June 2020.

You will remain owner of the content you add, upload and/or write. By posting content on Peakz you grant us a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, sublicensable, worldwide license to use, reproduce, distribute, perform, publicly display or prepare derivative works of your content. Please read all terms via our Policy page

For Athletes

You stand a chance to win a maximum of € 825. If you win the finals you’ll receive € 750. If you lose in the finals you’ll get € 250. If you’re one of the first 50 to upload a video, you stand a chance at an extra € 75.
You’ll make future funding easier by joining the Peakz scoutfunding challenge “Break Boundaries”. In other words, you win no matter what!

Easy! Go to the Challenge page and sign up. Below the instructions, click on the upload button:


We verwachten dat we dit najaar de funding voor het platform ophalen. Dan starten we direct met het ontwikkelen van het scoutfunding platform. Rond de zomer van 2020 lanceren we Peakz voor de massa en kunnen alle sporters hun funding campagne starten.


Millions of athletes worldwide dream of the top. Great talent that could reach this top. Emphasis on -could-, because money is key in their road to the succes. With enough funding, athletes get access to the best training camps, they can fly-in the best trainers, travel to international tournaments, pay specialized coaches and buy high-quality equipment. But raising funds for top sports isn’t easy. A shortage of funding limits an athlete's performance.

Ambitious and highly-talented athletes can count on sports clubs or the NOC*NSF reimbursing them. This isn’t always enough to reach the pinnacle of their chosen sport. That’s why parents often jump in, or the athlete in question takes a side job. Crowdfunding offers a short-term solution. Sponsoring and influencer marketing require a lot of reach.

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It’s not possible to retrieve hard numbers on funding. But if funding talented athletes in the Netherlands - a country where top sports are a national ambition - is often problematic in even the most popular of sports, then how would it be for “smaller” sports that generate less interest? For the less opportune sports in our country? And what about less prosperous countries? At least 10 million athletes need more funding to truly develop into world-class athletes.


Athletes supporting our mission

Talented athletes on their way to the top.

Fans using their scouting skills to support talent financially.

Family, friends or followers of the athlete.

Organizations that want to be connected to the world of sports.

Scoutfunding makes funding fun and easier by smart scouting.


You can contact us here and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.