Tymo Berger

December, 2019


21 year old Tymo Berger got in second place during the Peakz sponsorship competition. He has discovered his padel talent not long ago, and already he performed at the EU championships in Rome for the Netherlands, and is currently training in Madrid to push himself to the next level. Peakz is very much looking forward to collaborating with Tymo next year. Below the Q&A with padel-man Tymo.


Sport: Padel

Date of Birth: 09/02/1998

Hometown: Alkmaar, The Netherlands

Padel Club: TPC Daalmeer.

When did you start playing your sport?

I started to play with some of my friends and soon we all fell in love with this sport. We started playing more often and soon discovered that the level at which we played rapidly increased. Within a year we were competing at the highest level in the Netherlands and made it to the national team.

What do you love most about padel?

I love the fact that padel is an honest sport. (almost) Everyone that competes is friendly and the sportsmanship is good. I must thank my friends Giovanni, Menno and Erik. With them we started to play more and more often, we made eachother better everyday we were on the court. Sometimes we would play points and just stop the rally to give each other tips on what to do better. Only later on we had a few lessons from real coaches, but because padel is still a small sport in the Netherlands there are barely any coaches.

What is your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge is to combine the many training hours everyday to get to the top of padel, with making sure the business I set-up (together with a friend) grows; Potjepadel. Next to that I want to make sure I will finish the course of ‘entrepreneurship & managing’, which will start in February 2020.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

The biggest achievement in my short period of padel was the EU championships in Rome, where I  played for the Netherlands.

(Tymo in practice. Credit: Tymo Berger)

Who is your current sponsor?

My sponsor right now is Adidas Padel Nederland, they support me with rackets. This is helping me alot, rackets are expensive and without Adidas I would have to play with less quality (cheaper) rackets, because I was not able to afford the type of racket they now gave me. So, a big thanks to Adidas!

Is it difficult to get the right funding in your sports?

Padel is still a small sport in the Netherlands, there is almost no money going around in the sport at this moment. So getting funding is difficult, maybe it will be easier next year when the padel federation is going to collaborate with the tennis federation in the Netherlands. This will bring new opportunities and resources to the sport of padel then there are now.

What is your dream in sports?

I would love to make sure I can get in the top 200 of the world, as well as contributing in the Dutch squad for years to come. Participating in letting the sport grow in the Netherlands is also on my list!

What does your training schedule look like?

Whenever a tournament is coming up I get myself to train on the right intensity, as if you were already playing a match! I also make sure that I get enough rest and that I eat healthy and enough. Stretching is a big part of my routine before matches while I can be easily struck down by injuries.

My schedule is as follows: on Mondays and Wednesdays I train from 11:00-12:30 and from 16:00-17:30. On Tuesdays and Thursdays training from 11:00-12:30. This in combination with physical training from 12:30-13:30. Friday is my day of rest and in the weekends I play friendly practice matches when there are no tournaments. When there are tournaments it depends how many matches I will be playing in one weekend.

How do you think this sponsorship with Peakz will help you in your career?

I think this sponsorship with Peakz will help me a lot. They make sure I am able to stay in Madrid for training while it is really expensive here with making sure I can pay rent and the trainers every month. I am really grateful that I am getting an opportunity like this, to help me, to where I want to get in my career.

What do you think of the mission to make funding easier for athletes?

The mission of making funding easier is so important. There are a lot of athletes out there who are unable to reach their full potential because funding is impossible to get for them. I think when every athlete who has a potential to reach the top gets the right amount of funding, that every sport will climb in it’s level. The competition will be higher and the athletes will become better because they need to stay ahead of the competition (even more than they already need to be). It will not only be better for the players, it will be better for the sport!

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