Freestyle skating

December, 2019


Gian Marco Rosato is 27 year old indoor skating pro from Italy. He managed to get first place in the Peakz sponsorship competition. We are very much looking forward to working together with Gian the upcoming months. He´ll be working towards to summer competition at this time of the year, with the highest ambitions; to get back into the world’s top 3. To fund his career he found a way to combine his sport dream and his work. Let’s get to know Gian.


Sport: Freestyle skating, Indoor skating

Date of Birth: 26/10/1992

Hometown: Lamezia Terme (Calabria Region), Italy

When did you discover you really have a talent?

I discovered my talent for indoor skating when I was 14 years old, thanks to my brother who started to skate before me. The years before I started I played football.

When did you go professional?

At 16 years old I made it to do Italian championship, from 18 first World Cup in Paris. 

What do you love about your sports career?

I love to travel and meet friends at the competitions. My whole life is around indoor skating. I also have my own skate school, so I get to combine sport with my life. The lessons I give are only in the afternoon, and in the morning I can focus on my own training. This is my way to be able to perform and fund my dream. 

What are you proud of so far?

I’m proud because I’m the only one from the south of Italy at this level in my sport. I reached the top without a coach or indoor skating school support. I completely trained myself all the time, to get this far makes me proud.

Challenge and achievements?

My biggest challenge is to be always more fast, and my biggest achievements were to be in the top 3 of the world in 2016 and the Universiade 2017 in Taipei where I finished on 4 place (and became 1st European).

Did you have sponsors in the past?

I had a sponsor who gave me skates. And now I have a sponsor who gives me indoor skating materials, such as wheels and bearings.

How about funding in your sport?

Right funding is difficult in my sport, because there aren’t sponsor options who pay athletes for this sport and we don’t receive any money after a podium place in a World Cup.

What is your dream in sports?

My dream is to attent another Olympic competition as Universiade Taipei in 2017

What does your training schedule look like?

I start the serious preparation for my competition from March on-wards, where I do more indoor skating training than Gym exercising. Although I actually train all year long of course. At the moment my training schedule is 3 times in the week at the gym and the same is for skating, also 3 times a week intensively.

How do you think this sponsorship with Peakz will help you in your career?

Thanks to the Peakz sponsorship I will able to travel more for my competition and to reach the top of the world ranking. I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming year and pushing myself up the charts again. 

What do you think of the mission to make funding easier for athletes?

I think that this mission is important because there are many sports, like mine, in which athletes don’t even make any money to travel.  This is often difficult because there are a lot of World Cup competitions all over the world. If you want to stay on the top of the ranking you need, and certainly want, to attend them, and thus you need the money to get there. 

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