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December, 2019


Is it possible to change an entire company culture with a sponsorship campaign? After our inspiring talk with Ruud Hoogendorp we believe so, and we believe sports sponsoring enables organizations to completely empower their brand image. Since 1999 Ruud works for Superp, and over time became the general director at this full-service SAP supplier. The organization specializes in designing, developing, testing and maintaining technical company solutions. But that is not all they stand for. Ruud believes the combination of technology and (sports)talent sponsorship is a powerful way to support talent development. To create meaningful impact.  “We are constantly investing in SAP-innovations, and we have found an interesting way to use our expertise, invest in talent development and create our desired brand image”. 

Why did SUPERP start with sports sponsoring?

“An important goal was to create a stronger union within our organization, emphasizing our internal culture. As we started to explore different ways to achieve this, we stumbled upon a powerful sponsorship example from another organization. At a certain point, the company changed its marketing strategy with the goal to create stronger visibility. They achieved this through an effective sponsorship of the female volleyball team. This example was so inspiring for us that we decided to experiment with sports sponsoring ourselves. We simply love the combination of our core business with a social purpose;  combining technical development with talent development.”

What is so interesting about the combination of technology with sports sponsoring? 

“Let me give you an interesting example. For one of our sponsored talents, kickboxer Luis Tavares, we are building an app to measure his physical efforts. Nothing was being measured before we started working with him. Through the in-depth statistics in an app, we see the value we can add. We will be monitoring his heart rate, training schedules and calories to analyze and optimize his performances. Imagine how cool this is for an IT specialist? To be involved in this kind of process and to be able to develop solutions outside of your day-to-day business activities. The knowledge and expertise we develop through these projects help us to stay ahead of the game. And this way we can implement new knowledge into other projects. The output is very relevant information for the athlete.” 

How did you develop the sponsorship process?

“We created the IamSuperp” campaign to attract talents from different fields. They were asked to pitch their professional goals and motivation to work with us. When we started, we received so many responses, even though we put little effort into our campaign. That was wonderful to see! We selected the five most interesting applications and created our first IamSurperp team; Luis Tavares (kickboxing), Isabelle Hanssen (freestyle skier), Roos Zwetsloots (skateboarder), Jasper Udink ten Cate (creative chef) and the Robotica Team Rembrandts.

When we started, we hardly knew anything about a successful sponsorship, but we let our curiosity in talented people guide the way. We are always exploring ways to support the talent development of our IamSuperp team. With all talents we have different personal collaborations and we communicate with each of them frequently. Not only do we support them financially, but we are also involved in their activities. We celebrate their successes and support them in their challenges however we can.”

How did the sponsorship influence your organization?

“The most important result? Motivation. Our sponsorship program highly motivates our people. It keeps them sharp and enthusiastic in their work. Not to mention how much we enjoy the trips and events we get to visit. Businesswise the IamSuperp program gave us the opportunity to stand out in a refreshing way at business events. And we most definitely stand out! It breaks the ice with potential new clients, it is a wonderful way to connect with people who have a common interest in sports. And of course, we invite our clients to attend sports events with us. Organization-wise this sponsorship program attracts potential new employees that match our culture. I believe IamSuperp gives us a little more ‘edge’. Most importantly, we offer employees the opportunity to be involved with high-performing talents through IT intelligence projects. And at the same time attending amazing events such as kick-boxing games and food-art shows.”

What kind of content do you create with IamSuperp?

Actually, we don’t work with content enough yet. It’s a bit of a frustration. We do so many beautiful things, yet we do not show and share them all. Maybe because content is not our core business we do not make it a number one priority. That is why we started working with a marketing agency recently, which is a great learning process for us. We are exploring the possibilities to create more visibility and to work on our brand image. I believe we can take advantage of this much more. 

Would you advise other companies to work with sports sponsorships? 

Definitely. But maybe not in our niche-market, because then we will have to change our strategy 😉

Honestly, no matter the size of your company, sports sponsorships can empower your culture and your brand image. But I believe sponsoring is most interesting for companies who have the resources to set up and organize their sponsoring activities thoroughly. From the partnerships to PR activities and content development. With a good sponsorship strategy and implementation, an organization is able to make an impact. Externally as well as internally.


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